If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll want to check-out my workshop and book.

Power Thinking Workshop

Based on the Book
By Dina Claire

Workshop includes:

  • How to boost your confidence, anchor it, and activate it whenever you need it
  • Use the formula-POWER THINKING UNDER PRESSURE-to eliminate barriers that block your efforts to succeed
  • Learn specific Buzz Words that blast away fear
  • How to use THE MANTRA to overcome anxiety when presenting, interviewing, teaching, auditioning or trying out for any activity
  • Know the #1 mistake people make, that keeps them from achieving their goals

The problem today is that public speaking is said to be the biggest fear reported by many adults, topping flying, financial ruin, sickness and even death.

As a singer and actress, I learned to conquer my fear at Radio City Music Hall, where I played Alice in Easterland to 6,000 people at every show. We performed 3 to 5 shows a day, 7 days a week for 5 weeks. Close to a million people came to see the Easter Show. Overcoming my nerves was a big challenge then, but I figured out how to do it. Little did I know that years later, I would write a book called Success Secrets of Celebrities and create workshops that show you how to eliminate fear, feel confident, and be ready to take control of any situation that comes up in your life.

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